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environmental protection "One size fits all" is more terrible than ecological pollution!

BIG in Small

  At the recent press conference of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, it was mentioned that when dealing with environmental protection issues, we should not be "one size fits all". We should not take simple and crude methods to one-sided deal with the relationship between development and environmental protection.

  In fact, after years of extensive development, the existence of environmental pollution is not terrible. What is terrible is that some places regard the central environmental protection supervision and strengthened supervision as an exam, avoiding the heavy and taking the light, and muddling through the difficulties in order to get everything right.

  Either "say hello" or "send a notice", choose the simple and crude way of "one size fits all" to temporarily shut down the enterprise. As a result, polluting enterprises have indeed been shut down, and many non polluting enterprises have also been shot, closed and closed down, and suffered losses in vain.

  From the perspective of performance, the "one size fits all" temporary shutdown has achieved remarkable results in pollution control. At first sight, it seems that it is the implementation of the spirit of the central environmental protection inspector. It sounds like care and protection for the living environment of local people, but it is not.

  This practice of "formalism", which holds the wrong idea of "there are policies above and countermeasures below", prevaricates the central environmental protection inspector. It not only disturbs the normal life of the people and the normal production of enterprises, but also greatly reduces the effect of environmental protection inspection and even fails.

  As we all know, it is almost impossible to control the urban environment simply by shutting down polluting enterprises. In some places, regardless of local conditions, forcing a "one size fits all" approach will only aggravate social conflicts, let alone solve problems for the sake of the people.

  Only by paying attention to pollution control at ordinary times, according to the spirit of the Central Committee, adjusting measures to local conditions, actively guiding the transformation and upgrading of pollution enterprises, guiding the people to choose a more environmentally sound lifestyle, and incorporating pollution control into the assessment system at all levels, can pollution control be the right way to build a beautiful China and a well-off society.

  They do not attach importance to ecological and environmental protection and regard green development as the enemy of economic development. Only when the green storm blows can they take action, which will only hurt the feelings of the people, reduce their sense of happiness, and is not conducive to the healthy and sustainable development of the local economy. They will eventually have to eat their own fruit.

  We can see that the in-depth promotion of the central environmental protection supervision work has indeed solved the environmental pollution problems that many people care about, has won the unanimous approval of the people, and has also made many places take action to strengthen the importance of ecological environment governance.

  However, the Central Environmental Protection Supervision Group will leave after all. If the local government cannot establish a correct concept of green development, will the existing governance achievements really become "past".

  Of course, the central environmental protection supervision will be more normalized and institutionalized, and will "look back" from time to time. The effect of the supervision will continue. If the local government still sticks to the "one size fits all" thinking, and continues to hold the problems of inadequate understanding, simple and one-sided methods, and inaccurate measures, it will be shut down, punished, and even put up a "protective umbrella" for polluting enterprises. It is hard to imagine what will happen after the *.

  I hope that we can attach importance to, consider, and must take comprehensive consideration on environmental protection issues, and do a good job in practical work, so that we can practice for environmental protection!

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