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Integrated solution provider for resource utilization and comprehensive treatment of precious metals and heavy metals It integrates R & D, design and application of turbulence electrowinning equipment
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Shaanxi Ruikai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

  Brand introduction

  B - Block modularization

  EW ElectroWinning Electrodeposition


  Become a leader in environmental protection and metallurgy, and bring green metallurgy into the fourth industrial revolution.


  Focus on the challenges and pressures that customers pay attention to, provide efficient solutions and services, continue to seek innovative methods, solve unsolved problems, and create a great value for human society forever.

  Sense Of Worth

  Achieve customers - commit to customer satisfaction and success

  Sincerity and trustworthiness - we are frank in our hearts, keep our promises

  Pragmatic innovation - Pragmatism is the foundation of innovation, and innovation is the extension of pragmatism

  Aim at aa - we are determined to build aa enterprises, cultivate aa talents, provide aa services and make aa contributions.

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