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Environmental protection can start from "selection"

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  Environmental protection can start from "choice". It seems that environmental protection is far away from us, but when we actually observe carefully, we will find that environmental protection is actually around us. Shaanxi environmental protection integration brings you into a new choice of environmental protection.

  Environmental protection can actually start from every "choice" in our daily life. For example, do we use facial tissue or handkerchief to wipe sweat? Do you use disposable tableware or bring your own chopsticks when dining out? How to choose the food for three meals a day? How to consume?

  In fact, we can protect nature through our own consumption behavior. Choosing energy-saving products and buying organic food can not only make our lives more environmentally friendly, but also make our bodies healthier. Such consumption behavior is also indirectly contributing to environmental protection.

  Now many products are environmentally friendly and energy-saving. If you want to buy a refrigerator, I would suggest you buy one. Because it saves electricity and, more importantly, you save money. It is important to live a safe, secure and environmentally friendly life. * It is important to eat healthily.

  Many vegetable growers now spray pesticides to expel insects for mass production. But after spraying pesticides, not only those animals that are considered pests will disappear, but also all frogs and snails in the farmland will disappear. Pesticides scattered in the soil will also be washed into the river with rain, which will bring soil and water pollution. Therefore, I do not hope that this agricultural pattern will last forever.

  In contrast, there is an agricultural model called organic agriculture. Organic agriculture is to plant food in a friendly way. One of its basic conditions is not to spray pesticides or use chemical fertilizers. Because these pesticides and fertilizers will remain in the soil, making the land more and more poor.

  Organic agriculture sometimes uses some organic fertilizer. A more sophisticated farming method than this one is called natural farming, which requires no fertilization at all. In order to restore the geographical advantage, we mainly rely on manual weeding, and then cover the grass in the original place to let the natural nutrients return to the soil, so that the geographical advantage starts to recover slowly. The food planted in this way is safe, delicious and can be kept for a long time.

  When buying food materials in markets or supermarkets, we can also judge whether the food materials are organic by knowing the origin of the food. I believe many people are willing to check where the things they bought today came from.

  In Taiwan, there are "production and marketing records" of agricultural products. A cabbage will be pasted with some information, such as who is the farmer producing it, where it is produced, when it was produced, and in what environment. Let the responsibility for the production of agricultural products be specific to individuals, and producers must be responsible for this dish.

  Environmental protection should start with "choice" and pay more attention to it. Only from the perspective of simplicity and subtlety can we start with ourselves. Shaanxi Ruikai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in the design of Shaanxi environmental protection integration scheme. Welcome to cooperate! Tel.: 029-68716256

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