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Project of resource utilization of precious metals in Shaanxi Anxin CRT Recycling Application Co., Ltd

BIG in Small

  Shaanxi Ruikai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. invested 43 million yuan in 2015 to build a resource utilization project of solid waste containing precious metals. The project takes acid etching solution, waste printed circuit boards, waste catalyst containing copper, silver based leftovers, electronic waste, waste fixing solution, waste catalyst containing cobalt and nickel, and neutralization residue as the main disposal objects, and comprehensively recovers valuable metal copper, nickel, cobalt, and silver.

  The project annually treats 7772.5t of hazardous waste involving heavy metals, and comprehensively recovers 1000t/a of copper, 4.5t/a of silver, 100t/a of nickel and 50t/a of cobalt.

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