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Recycling project of zinc and copper slag from hydrometallurgy of Shaanxi Environmental Protection Industry Group

BIG in Small

  The project of zinc hydrometallurgy copper slag recycling was completed in December 2017. The project uses zinc hydrometallurgy leaching solution to purify copper slag as raw materials to comprehensively recover valuable metals such as Cu, Zn and Cd. The project is built in the original copper sulfate workshop, and the main construction contents include copper slag ball milling system, copper slag leaching system, BEW electrodeposition system, tail gas treatment system, automatic control system, rectification and power supply and distribution system.

  The project has an annual treatment capacity of 4000t of purified copper slag, an annual output of 1000t of standard cathode copper, and 5049 t/a of by-products containing zinc and cadmium, including 240 t/a of zinc and 141 t/a of cadmium.

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