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How to fill iron carbon filler in iron carbon micro electrolysis equipment

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  The filling problem of iron carbon filler refers to the process of filling iron carbon filler into micro electrolysis equipment after buying iron carbon filler. How to fill iron carbon filler also requires some technology. If it is not well adjusted, it may cause uneven distribution thickness of iron carbon filler or other problems, which will affect the better reaction of iron carbon filler in the equipment. Today, I would like to share with you some questions about iron carbon filler filling micro electrolysis equipment.

  The iron carbon filler filled micro electrolysis equipment is divided into wet filling and dry filling.

  1、 Wet filling

  Wet filling shall be adopted as far as possible in the case of limited flux. After installing the support plate, inject water into the tower (pool), and gently pour the filler into the water from above the water surface. The filler floats down from the water, and the water surface should be more than 0.5m higher than the filler.

  2、 Dry filling

  Dry filling is adopted for large diameter tower (pool). The filler should always be poured from a certain height away from the filler layer, and sometimes people need to stand on the filler layer to fill. However, it is not allowed to stand directly on the filler, but the wood board can be laid on the filler to disperse the force.

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