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In which fields can iron carbon micro electrolysis process be used to electrolyze organic wastewater

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  Micro electrolysis process, also known as iron carbon micro electrolysis process, can be used to treat most difficult organic wastewater. What specific areas of organic wastewater can be treated? Today, cyclonic electrolysis will give you a detailed summary of the applicable scope of micro electrolysis process.

  1. Wastewater from electroplating circuit board production

  2. Pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical intermediate wastewater

  3. Wastewater from pesticide and its intermediate production

  4. Wastewater from rubber auxiliary production

  5. Phenolic resin production wastewater

  6. Furfural production wastewater

  7. Rosin production wastewater

  8. Perfume production wastewater

  9. Dye production wastewater

  10. Pigment production wastewater

  11. High concentration fine chemicals

  12. Water based paint wastewater

  13. Garlic processing wastewater

  14. Wool washing, pickles, alcohol and other high concentration chemical wastewater

  15. Slaughterhouse wastewater treatment

  16. Pig farm sewage treatment

  17. Livestock wastewater treatment

  18. Treatment of aquaculture wastewater

  19. Other highly difficult chemical wastewater

  I simply shared with you the fields in which the iron carbon micro electrolysis process can be used to electrolyze organic wastewater. If you want to know more, please pay more attention to the cyclone electrolysis.

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