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What are the precautions for cyclone electrolysis equipment technology?

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  What are the precautions for cyclone electrolysis equipment technology?

  Cyclone electrolysis equipment technology introduction:

  The traditional electrolysis equipment technology is to prevent the anode and cathode from flowing slowly or stagnant in the electrolytic cell. Under the effect of electric field, the anions move to the anode and the cations move to the cathode in a directional manner. Under certain technical conditions, the metal cations will be electrodeposited at the cathode, thus obtaining the products of the electrolysis equipment. In recent years, the cyclone electrolysis equipment technology has been applied more and more in China. This technology can selectively separate and purify valuable metals in low concentration solutions and complex composition solutions, and peel off heavy metal ions in wastewater.

  Working process of cyclone electrolysis device:

  The solution enters from the bottom of the cell to the eddy current electrolysis and flows at a high speed in the electrolytic cell. The eddy current electrolysis device uses multiple cells as an electrolysis equipment module, and each cell is equivalent to a pair of cathodes of the traditional electrolytic cell. Gas is separated from the anode. The scheduling device designed by Rongguo Caoding is dispatched at any time for centralized post-processing. Electrolytic equipment products are separated from the cathode, removed from the top, and re placed into the electrode plate before electrolysis equipment occurs again.

  Special anode rod cathode cylinder for cyclone electrolytic cell:

  1. Anode component: it is a key component of the device, made of titanium base material and coated with multi-element precious metal oxide coating through special process,. Adjust different coatings in different solution medium environments.

  2. Cathode group: the cathode of the electrolysis device, which is the main part of the electrolysis device. Plate stainless steel tube or titanium tube is rolled and formed.

  3. End (ABS): The end of the electrolysis device is molded and machined by ABS plastic. This part has the inlet and outlet of the solution and is connected with the corresponding inlet and outlet pipes. At the same time, the top end part is equipped with a gas outlet.

  4. End cap: each end is equipped with an end cap, which is connected by thread.

  Because each customer needs to deal with different solution systems and uses, the effect is also different.

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